Dr. Steven Fagien & Dr. Elbert Vaca

As an expert in anti-aging products and procedures, Dr. Fagien was recently inquired by New Beauty to provide his insight into what he felt was the best way to get a dramatic makeover.  Simply and effectively, he stated that:

“A missing makeover ingredient has been the absence of effective treatments for wrinkled skin.  Surgery, lasers and topicals only do so much, and with newer injectables, long-term improvement of skin quality add to a more global improvement of facial appearance.”

Anti-aging and seeking youthful restoration can certainly come at the expense of many patient procedures such as surgery, lasers, and topicals.  But injectables really are the secret ingredient that people are missing out on when it comes to the ideal anti-aging program.  Think of it like synergy where a combined effect is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  Simply put, adding injectables as the 4th ingredient to your anti-aging program allows you to achieve the highest level of satisfaction from your procedures.


Dr. Fagien serves as a member of New Beauty’s Editorial Advisory Board where he provides his expertise in oculoplastic surgery.  If you think facial injections may be the missing ingredient for you or you want to learn more about anti-aging procedures, contact Dr. Fagien today or simply call (561) 393-9898.