As we age, the tendons and muscles around our eyes begin to stretch and weaken, in turn creating noticeable changes around the eyes. Saggy or droopy upper eyelids lead to an aged, fatigued appearance, and in some cases may lead to vision problems as well. The lower eyelids and under-eye area are also affected by time and crepey skin, prominent bags, puffiness, dark circles and/or hollowness under the eyes are along the most common age-related issues. Dr. Steven Fagien of Boca Raton, Florida is an internationally renowned oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery. Though technically called blepharoplasty, this procedure is also commonly referred to as an eyelid lift.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Fagien customizes each blepharoplasty procedure to meet a patient’s unique needs and goals. He uses a variety of techniques to restore a more youthful appearance, including removing excess skin, tightening muscles, and removing, adding or repositioning fat. Regardless of the specific techniques used, the ultimate result is a refreshed, rejuvenated more youthful appearance. Dr. Fagien strives for natural-looking outcomes that will make people wonder if you just got back from vacation—not if you’ve had something “done.”

Types of Blepharoplasty

Upper Eyelid

For this type of procedure, Dr. Fagien trims excess skin and ensures the proper placement and position of fat to restore a more youthful look. The incision is hidden in the natural fold of the eyelid, and is undetectable once healed.

Upper Volumetric Blepharoplasty

This technique is a unique process that eliminates excess skin and repositions fat deposits to restore lost volume and produce a more awake and alert appearance.

Lower Eyelid

This type of procedure rejuvenates the lower eyelids by removing excess skin, tightening lax muscles and removing, repositioning or restoring fat. The incision is hidden just below the lower lashes, and nearly invisible once healing is complete.

Transconjuctival Blepharoplasty

Excess fat is often the main cause of lower-eyelid sagging or bulging. In this case, Dr. Fagien performs a transconjuctival blepharoplasty, which removes or repositions the fat through an incision made inside the lower eyelid.

Lateral Retinacular Suspension

Dr. Fagien may recommend this technique as part of his overall blepharoplasty approach when it’s necessary to tighten skin, muscles and tendons and reposition fat. This unique procedure has been found to help increase the longevity of surgical results.

Male Blepharoplasty

More men than ever are seeking cosmetic surgery to look as young as they feel, and blepharoplasty is among the most popular procedures. In order to improve drooping eyelids, dark circles and under-eye bags, Dr. Fagien tailors male blepharoplasty procedures to account for anatomical differences such as thicker skin and stronger muscles. If you’re interested in eyelid surgery for men or male blepharoplasty, learn more about the various procedures here.

What to Expect

Both upper and lower blepharoplasty are outpatient procedures that take from one to three hours, depending on the extent of the surgery.  Dr. Fagien uses intravenous sedation, also known as twilight anesthesia, and patients generally go home approximately one hour after surgery is finished.

For the first week after surgery, the eyes may feel sticky and vision may be blurry due to swelling and the ointment that is used to ensure proper healing. Bruising and inflammation can last for up to a month, but most patients report very little discomfort during this time. Although rare, eye dryness may occur as well. Expect to return to the office to have stitches removed a few days after your surgery.

To minimize swelling and promote healing, apply cold compresses and try to sleep upright. Be sure to use all ointments, eye drops and medications as directed. Makeup can be used to camouflage bruising after surgery, though it’s important to avoid the incision sites even after stitches are removed. Each patient is unique and has a different recovery experience, but Dr. Fagien will provide detailed instructions for post-surgical care.

Dr. Steven Fagien, MD, FACSWorld-Renowned Blepharoplasty Surgeon, Dr. Steven Fagien

Dr. Fagien has spent more than two decades publishing, teaching and performing a wide range of procedures that focus on the eyelids, forehead and upper face. His vast expertise is key for avoiding the over-sculpted and overdone “surprised look” that may be associated with eyelid surgery. Dr. Fagien has mastered the art of restoring the youthful volume and contours that diminish with age, resulting in a soft, rested, more relaxed expression. Dr. Fagien is internationally known for pioneering the volumetric upper blepharoplasty technique that removes excess skin and repositions fat to create a more refreshed, youthful and open-eyed appearance.

Dr. Fagien also created a specific lower blepharoplasty technique for that involves tightening the skin, muscles and tendons, in addition to repositioning muscle and fat. Called lateral retinacular suspension, this approach yields longer-lasting and more natural results than traditional methods. Dr. Fagien has published numerous articles about this unique procedure in prestigious peer reviewed medical journals, and has traveled around the world to teach his technique to physicians and colleagues.

Dr. Fagien is known for taking an individualized blepharoplasty approach for each patient. He often recommends non-invasive treatments, such as laser resurfacing and injectable fillers and BOTOX Cosmetic, to complement and optimize the results achieved with surgery. Laser resurfacing helps to further tighten lower eyelid skin, and can also be used on the entire face and neck for overall skin rejuvenation.

To learn more about blepharoplasty and other eyelid procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Fagien at (561) 393-9898.

*Dr. Fagien performs most of his surgical procedures at Boca Raton Outpatient Laser and Surgery Center (BROSLC); 501 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida*

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