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Full, plump lips are a coveted facial feature in women as well as men. Genetics and aging can often lead to a thin, deflated appearance of the lips. Years of sipping, smoking, and repetitive facial movements can also cause vertical lines and visible wrinkling around the lips, sometimes referred to as ‘smokers lines’ or ‘lipstick bleed.’ Thanks to the range of FDA approved injectable filler options available today, Dr. Steven Fagien is able to give the lips a natural-looking volume boost that offers an overall rejuvenating effect.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Dr. Fagien uses injectable lip fillers comprised of hyaluronic acid to add immediate shape, structure and volume to the lips. These products offer a variety of options to fit every patient’s needs and goals. The most popular lip fillers are Restylane Silk and Juvéderm Volbella, both of which can deliver instant results that last for up to one year with minimal side effects. It is a simple in-office procedure that can be performed without the need for a topical anesthetic. Under the care of Dr. Fagien, who is an expert lip injector, this is a very comfortable procedure with beautiful and lasting correction.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Fillers can be used to add volume and/or structure to the lips. Dr. Fagien will tailor the precise placement of the filler to address each patient’s unique anatomy, as well as the desired outcomes. As always, his ultimate goal is a very natural-looking enhancement without the telltale signs of injections. His unique expertise allows him to avoid the ‘sausage roll’ or ‘duck lips’ or ‘trout pout’ appearance. Dr. Fagien’s patients receive a customized treatment plan to enhance their natural lip shape and proportions for a softer and younger looking outcome.

The results of lip fillers are immediate, and patients can walk out of their appointment with fuller lips in a quick treatment taking 20 to 30 minutes. The key to optimal results is selecting a cosmetic surgeon with an artistic eye and extensive experience. It is also important to recognize that hyaluronic acid gel fillers offer temporary effects of up to one year and in some cases may last longer. As with all injectable treatments, maintenance sessions are required to keep the aesthetic results each patient desires.

What Do Lip Fillers Treat?

Thin Lips

Genetics or the natural aging process can cause a deflated or disproportionate appearance of the lips. Over time, lips flatten out and may tend to look deflated. Thinning lips can be easily made more plump, full and attractive with injectable fillers.

Uneven Lips

Often the result of facial trauma or genetics, the lips can appear uneven or misshapen. Dr. Fagien uses injectable fillers to restore a more balanced and  proportionate appearance to the top and bottom lips.

Lip Lines

Also known as smoker’s lines, these fine, vertical wrinkles that extend around the mouth and outward from the lips are expertly treated with the finest form of injectable fillers. Thicker fillers may tend to clump up when treating fine, shallow wrinkles, so Dr. Fagien uses the most advanced techniques and products to create a smooth result in this delicate area. He may also recommend a combination of BOTOX Cosmetic and hyaluronic acid injections to achieve full correction of this area.

Marionette Lines

These deep wrinkles tend to stretch from the corners of the mouth down to the bottom of the chin and contribute to an aging appearance of the lower face. These creases can be effectively improved with hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Fagien will select the most appropriate product to suit each individual patient’s marionette lines. In some cases, he may layer one filler over another where these creases are particularly deep.

Types of Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Fillers made comprised of hyaluronic acid are today’s preferred choice for lip enhancement. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body, so there is no chance of allergic reaction. Two of the most popular HA fillers among doctors and patients are Restylane Silk and Juvéderm Volbella due to their proven safety and effectiveness. These hyaluronic acid fillers add beautiful, natural-looking structure to the lips and provide long-lasting volume.

Dr. FagienDr. Steven Fagien’s Expertise in Injectable Lip Fillers

In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, injectable lip fillers provide subtle, natural-looking results. Dr. Steven Fagien is one of the world’s foremost oculoplastic surgeons in the United States and he has built his reputation on challenging traditional techniques and developing cutting-edge advances for a variety of procedures. In addition to participating in many of the clinical studies that led to the FDA approval of various injectables, Dr. Fagien has authored over 300 publications, penned his own bestselling textbook on Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery, and has given more than 1,000 lectures about his techniques to surgeons around the globe.

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