Submental fat, also called a double chin, is a common concern for both women and men. This extra fat beneath the chin is influenced by age and genetics and is often resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. Previously, the only way to remedy this problem area was with surgery leaving those who were unwilling or not capable of a surgical procedure left without options. However, in more recent years new possibilities have been taken to market and are being received very well by both doctors and their patients. One of these medical breakthroughs was the creation and approval of Kybella.  As part of the team that was involved with the research leading to the development and introduction of Kybella, Dr. Fagien has unsurpassed experience treating patients with Kybella and has seen tremendous success in patients for fat removal beneath the chin.

What is Kybella?

The first of its kind, Kybella is an injectable that works by reducing fat under the chin through a series of treatments where it is injected into specific areas of treatment. These treatments are spread out over the course of a few months and offer results that are comparable to surgery without the downtime or anesthesia. After using Kybella, patients will see their chin and neck as looking youthful and more slender.

Kybella contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a natural, fat-absorbing molecule that our bodies already use on a daily basis to eliminate fat cells. When injected, Kybella mimics the deoxycholic acid by breaking down the submental fat. Once these fat cells are eliminated, they can no longer store unwanted fat. Kybella is currently only approved for the treatment of the double chin and treatment to other areas of the body is still under investigation. Kybella selectively targets the fat that causes a double chin and allows us to restore a more balanced and harmonious facial profile. A wonderful complement to injectable fillers, botulinum toxins and laser treatments, Kybella has become an integral part of our non-surgical anti-aging arsenal.

What to Expect

Kybella is more-often not a one-time treatment, but you will see results quickly. Dr. Fagien has been intimately involved with treatment protocol since the drug was approved by the FDA and more real world experiences have shown where and how the drug is best utilized.  It is now recommended that most patients require and receive between two and four treatments depending on the amount of submental fat that needs to be eliminated. Typically, patients will begin seeing results between week two and week four of treatment. During the procedure, you can expect approximately 10  to 30 small injections to be administered to the under-chin area. Local anesthesia is oftentimes administered prior to the procedure as Dr. Fagien’s experience shows that this completely eliminates the pain during the treatment and reduces the after-treatment swelling dramatically. This process only takes about 20 minutes, and afterwards, you can be ready to tackle the rest of your day. It is important, however, not to over-do your procedures. It’s recommended that you space out your Kybella treatments by getting one treatment approximately every 2 months for two to six months until you have reached your desired result. Although Kybella is not technically used to tighten skin or muscle, some patients do experience a tightening of the area after treatment.

Although many patients are good candidates for Kybella treatments, it is not as appropriate for some individuals that have issues that are not improved by the reduction of sub-mental fat.  Dr. Fagien’s experience and expertise can best guide you as to the benefits you may experience with this treatment and perhaps other options.  For most people, those who have finished their Kybella treatments will not ever see a return of their “double chin” due to sub-mental fat and may  never have to repeat this procedure again!

Is Kybella Safe?

Clinical studies have shown that when Kybella is administered correctly, the risks are minimal and the benefits are exponential. It provides a non-surgical method to reduce the double chin without the anesthesia risks of surgery and liposuction. There will be no incisions or scar and you will likely not have to take any time off from work or other activities. But as with many injectable treatments, there are common side effects that a patient may experience. Swelling, bruising, numbness, redness and pain around the injection site are considered normal side effects and are usually very mild in nature—using an ice pack and over-the-counter anit-inflammatory /pain medicine will help with these symptoms. These types of common issues should clear up quickly, usually around three days after the procedure, and leave behind a long-lasting slim and contoured chin.

Kybella can cause some more serious, yet temporary side effects if the injections are not given properly. Besides breaking down fat cells, Kybella can also break down skin cells causing unwanted damage. It is for this reason that choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to administer your injections is extremely important. By choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Fagien, the potential for any adverse side effects are minimized and essentially eliminated due to his overwhelming experience with the procedure and product itself.

Dr. FagienFlorida’s Top Kybella Researcher, Teacher and Provider, Dr. Steven Fagien

Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injection treatment for a double chin or submental fat. In 2013, Dr. Fagien realized just how great Kybella was at reducing submental fat after he assisted in the clinical research and trials that led the FDA to approve Kybella for treatment of the double chin in April, 2015. Dr. Fagien presented with his colleagues his research and data to the FDA which led to the ultimate approval.  After FDA approval, Dr. Fagien became one of the first doctors in South Florida to offer Kybella to his patient and teach others on his techniques and best practices. Kybella can have life changing outcomes – want to have a successful outcome and lasting results.

Dr. Fagien has been a practicing cosmetic surgeon since 1989 and has more than 3 years of experience using Kybella. It has always been his professional goal to educate other physicians on the latest available treatments and procedures in the cosmetic surgery field so that all patients can receive exemplary care. After the FDA approved Kybella, Dr. Fagien began to teach this new technique to other interested physicians and surgeons and is currently teaching these Kybella providers the safe and proper way to use this innovative injectable.

The time is finally here where you no longer have to wear turtleneck sweaters all year long or require surgery to hide the “double chin.”  So call Dr. Fagien today or schedule an appointment here, and find out how Kybella can now give you that beautiful chin and neck you’ve been dreaming about. When you choose Kybella, a more beautiful chin and neck may be in your future without surgery.

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