Dr. Steven Fagien & Dr. Elbert Vaca

Dr. Fagien Reviews

Cathy D.
From the first call, his office staff has been friendly and organized. They have a few main people who are always available and on top of your progress. You can get ahold of them at any time if you have a question. Appointments were always right on time with no wait. I always look forward to my office visits, too bad I'm healing so fast. As far as Dr. Vaga and Dr. Faigen, all I can say is that there is a reason that they are the top people to see in the US. They are friendly, kind, involved and incredibly skilled. I cannot recommend his office enough for quality care. I also wanted to say that the surgery center was top notch. I was comfortable and the medical team were incredible. I would give more stars if I had the option.
Orlando L.
Not only were the surgical results outstanding, but being a physician I can attest to the fact that the high level of kind professionalism displayed by the entire staff is very rarely encountered & therefore noteworthy & must be acknowledged & mentioned.
Tatyana N.
I did my due diligence picking Dr Fagien and did he delver! Hands down THE best surgeon, very meticulous and detail oriented. Very particular and deliberate with his approach, pre-op instructions, surgical facility and anesthesiologists, his surgical technique is superb ( I am a doctor I know). My eyes look amazing! Today is less than 24 hours. No pain, virtually no swelling, no blood at all, no crusting. Have not taken single pain killer. I waited for this procedure with Dr Fagian for 2 years and it was totally worth it! I wish more surgeons would be like him. Totally a class act and bed side manner is so warm and professional. Better schedule your consult ASAP. I promise you will not need sorry
Lauren P.
My sister and I both had a lower blepharoplasty done and everything about our experience, from the appointments to the surgical procedure, was amazing. Dr. Fagien and his staff went above and beyond to make sure we had the best care and results. You can tell everyone there truly cares about their patients. Highly recommended! We're still recovering from the procedure, but we're already so happy with the results!
My sister and I both had a lower blepharoplasty done and everything about our experience, from the appointments to the surgical procedure, was amazing. Dr. Faigen and his staff went above and beyond to make sure we had the best care and results. You can tell everyone there truly cares about their patients. Highly recommended! We're still recovering from the procedure, but we are already so happy with the results!
Andrés K.
Doc and staff extremely professional and nice . Results are amazing . I did my eyelids .Do your research . He is the best
Tracy B.
Dr. Fagien is one of those people from the start knows what is best for you and then explains the process to get there - imagine in healthcare in 2023 a doctor who cares? Well you don’t need to look further because not only does he care he cares deeply and so does his wonderful, kind, gentle and loving staff. I am just so happy with my procedure, came out of state and the process was made so very simple for me to understand and Trust. Don’t even consider anyone else and I have said the same to my sister who commentates on TV - when or if you want to have your eyes reviewed or surgery performed you are in the right hands - I have never seen such talent (if ever). Thank you sounds like not enough to Dr. Fagien and his staff!!!!!
Dr. S.
Dr. Fagien is a terrific surgeon and his staff is fantastic. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend his practice.
Healthgrades U.
When considering upper eyelid surgery, I knew Dr. Fagien was the top surgeon in his field so my decision was easy. However, Dr. Fagien and his staff exceeded my expectations! Everyone was so professional, friendly and caring. Six months later, I am thrilled with my results! My eyes look amazing! Dr. Fagien is the best at what he does and I highly recommend him.
Ferne T.
Dr Fagien is a fabulous doctor. I can"t say enough about his talents, his kindness and his humor, He took droopy eyes and made them look beautiful again. No more droop. No pain! He worked with Dr Vaca, and he did a temporal brow lift. He was wonderful as well. The office staff is kind and welcoming and addresses all by their name. I can't say enough about these doctors' skills and I will return for touch ups over the years!
Lizette T.
Simply the best! Dr. Fagien and his entire team are the best and make you feel comfortable with the entire process. If I could give him 100 stars I would! I am very happy with my experience!
Dr Fagien is an excellent oculoplastic surgeon and I highly recommend him.
Randall M.
Consultation was very informative and not rushed. I was given a comprehensive evaluation and alternatives. Much appreciated.
A L.
I had upper and lower eyelid surgery with Dr. Fagien in March. This was the first cosmetic surgery I have ever had. It took me about 5 years to make the decision to do it and then another year to find the right surgeon for me. Someone told me that when you meet the right doctor for you it’s like an “aha” moment and that’s how I felt when I had my first consultation. He was very pleasant and patient and addressed all my concerns without being dismissive. To be honest, I was extremely nervous the day of surgery but it helped that everyone at the surgery facility was attentive and very caring. I am extremely thankful and fortunate that Dr. Fagien did my surgery. He and his amazing staff, Victoria, Dani and Devina, made themselves accessible by phone/email, did follow-ups on any issues that I had post surgery. I never felt worried about the care I received and if I had any concern, no matter how trivial or serious, it was addressed. My appointments never felt rushed. Due to Dr. Fagien’s expertise and skillful hands, my expectations were met - my eyes feel and look great and natural. I can’t express enough thanks to Dr. Fagien and his staff for giving me the care I needed. They are indeed the best!
Taylor M.
I am OBSESSED with my results and I cannot stop looking in the mirror! Dr. Fagien is the best in the entire facial aesthetics industry, hands down. I am SO HAPPY with the absolute transformation of my face that he was able to accomplish using just botox and filler. He has made my face completely symmetrical and balanced. I now have a refreshed, youthful, and very NATURAL look. I have always been very picky about only going to excellent doctors. But Dr. Fagien just blows everyone else out of the water. His expertise and techniques are unparalleled. I have never before had a doctor spend so much time and pay such attention to detail during my appointment. He very thoroughly studied the individual intricacies of my face and my unique musculature shapes. He then applies the most unbelievably precise technique in performing his injections… I have just never before seen any doctor be so meticulously precise. The results are OUTSTANDING. I had always heard all the buzz about Doctor Fagien and how people travel from all over the country to see him. But what finally had me picking up the phone was when I saw first-hand the miraculous transformation that he performed on a friend of mine earlier this year when he did her upper/ lower eyelid surgery. I was completely blown away....Dr. Fagien is truly the king of facial aesthetics. Oh and not to mention….His staff is also wonderful. They are friendly, attentive and always right “on the ball”.
Holly D.
Dr. Fagien and his staff are wonderful. They took care of my daughter and made her feel safe and comfortable. She had perfect results and could not be happier!
Kelly V.
The past couple years, I’ve been researching which doctor to perform my upper and lower blepharoplasty. After several consults with doctors in Beverly Hills, I was referred to Dr. Fagien, from my cosmetic dermatologist, in Miami. After meeting Dr. Fagien and his staff, I knew he was the right one. The results are beyond my expectation! From start to finish, my experience was positive and I would highly recommend Dr. Fagien and his team. Thank you for everything!!
Joyce C.
I had eyelid surgery in March and cannot be more pleased with the results! Dr. Fagien is simply the BEST and his staff is wonderful. I am so glad that I trusted my eyes to Dr. Fagien - he is truly an artist extraordinaire who gave me the natural look that I desired. He has a wonderful and caring personality as well, and he and his amazing team including Dani, Devina, Victoria, and Hannah (apologies if I am missing anyone) “held my hand” the entire journey and answered any and all questions, anytime that I asked. The surgery and recovery was exactly as explained with minimal discomfort. Even two weeks after the surgery I was hearing “you look great” and “were you on vacation?” from people and co-workers who didn’t know I had my eyelids done. 10 weeks after surgery, I am thrilled and the results will only keep improving as I heal completely. Thank you, Dr. Fagien and team - truly love the way I look and appreciate the excellent care that I received !!
Lisa N.
Being in the Eyecare industry and knowing Dr. Fagien’s stellar reputation, he was clearly the only choice for my upper & lower lid surgery. He is an artistic genius. My results are incredible and I will be forever grateful to him.
David H.
I am a plastic surgeon and just went to Dr. Fagien for upper and lower eyelid surgery. The procedure was easy, painless, and looks great already, only two weeks later. Knowing everyone in the business means I could have gone anywhere. Dr. Fagien is the very best and is also one of the kindest and most compassionate individuals I know. If you found him, look no further.
Healthgrades U.
Dr Fagien and his team are the best. I got a fantastic result with my eyelid surgery and it was relatively painless. I was at my office 48 hours after surgery. Everything went exactly as planned and Dr Fagien exceeded my expectations in every way. He is for sure the “Eye Guy”.
Heather N.
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Fagien and his entire team. They are wonderful caring and skilled at what they do. I am very happy after my surgery and I would recommend Dr. Fagien and his team to anyone needing eyelid surgery! The results are very natural and I look younger and more rested! They take great care of you and make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.
The best experience and results!! Dr.Fagien & staff members are the best. . Thank you
Dr Fagien is an excellent eye surgeon! Every step of the process was perfect. Anytime I had a question or issue, I was able to see Dr Fagien or his amazing staff quickly and the office was always helpful and kind. My results were also fantastic. I would highly reccommend Dr Fagien and his office to anyone thinking about having eyelid or other eye plastic surgery.
Ellen N.
I just looked in the mirror at my upper and lower blepharoplasty from three years ago. It still looks wonderful, I m so pleased. Dr. Fagin, thank you for your great work!
jenjenenjen P.
Dr. Fagien is a world class gifted surgeon. He is conservative, meticulous, and has an artistic eye. He approaches each patient individually resulting in procedures that enhance your natural features. I would not let any other doctor touch my face as I couldn’t be happier with my results. My friends that have gone to him feel the same. I trust and highly recommend him.
Lbm T.
A year and a half later—and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Dr. Fagien! … After having to look at myself in Zoom reflections for more than a year, I knew it was time to do something. I was told by a Miami physician whose professional opinion I value more than I can say, that Dr. Fagien is the ONLY doctor to see. Dr. Fagien and his staff are incomparable. He is kind, warm, and patient. The results of my surgery are beautiful and natural. He took at least ten years of sagging stress from my eyes with an upper/lower transconj blepharoplasty. I'm grateful and so happy that I don't look sad anymore. Truly, he is the best!
Marilyn S.
Wonderful doctor, great results. Staff is terrific!
Elizabeth L.
I have had THE BEST experience with Dr. Fagien and nurse Dani. First of all, I was a bit apprehensive about eyelid surgery as I’m very afraid of surgery. Fast forward 3 months, it was one of the best decisions of my life. My friends had told me to see a doctor who deals a lot with Asian eyes or go to Beverly Hills, or go to Korea. (Sometimes you just don’t need to listen to your friends.) Well let me say one doesn’t really “need” a doctor who specializes in a certain ethnicity (African American, Hispanic, Asian, etc.)You don’t need to fly to another continent. You just need Dr. Fagien whose aesthetic vision, surgical precision, values of keeping one looking natural, years of experience, kind manner, and thorough measurements will improve your life. At my first consultation, he really knew I wasn’t ready. Regardless, Dr. Fagien took the time to take measurements and evaluate the lids. He literally said to me “you’re not ready” because I asked can anything else be done with heavy lids other than surgery? I mulled over the decision for 9 months or so, couldn’t stand gravity taking over the lids and decided to do it. But this shows you what an intuitive and moral doctor he is. He really cares if your mental state aligns with your surgical procedure and that this is something you truly want. At my pre op consultation before the surgery, he then proceeded to take more measurements and photos. Nurse Dani proceeded to hand me a very detailed packet with precise pre op and post op instructions. She was so patient and the detail, care, and time they take to really guide you on the do’s and don’t in this packet shows that they are very thorough. On the day of my surgery, surprisingly I wasn’t really nervous because of the previous two appointments I had and Dr. Fagien’s unspoken assurances. He’s like a wizard. I literally looked at so many videos of other doctors where procedures were done with local anesthesia, where they cut just at the eyebrow, where they recommended using vitamin E cream post surgery. You don’t’ need any of that!!! You just need Dr. Fagien’s proven methods. So another impressive detail was before the surgery, the nurse tells you she’s putting in the IV but states that Dr. Fagien wants you to be lucid as he will come talk to you and take measurements one more time. (I’ve heard other surgeries where they just knock you out and this major last conversation/reassurance wasn’t done with other doctors.) Also, nurse Dani from his office was there pre op and just making sure you’re comfortable. She’s the kindest. Anyway, this was the third time I felt very secure and confident with trusting Dr. Fagien and Nurse Dani. Then honestly, post surgery was a bit visually accosting but I knew that would happen. I knew what the timeline was and the swelling would subside. One should absolutely follow the packet instructions and let nature heal you, and I absolutely believe you will be astounded by the results! I am healing nicely, staying out of the sun, and loving my much improved non heavy lids. I love how I can apply eyeliner like I used to and experiment with all sorts of lashes. Someone thought I was in my 20’s the other day. Thank you Dr. Fagien! I feel so fortunate to have done my surgery with Dr. Fagien. Aka Eyelid Guru, Surgical Wizard, Master of the Lids.
Yolanda M.
I’ll never tire of saying what a gentleman Dr. Fagien is, but most important, what an outstanding, awesome doctor he is. When I moved to this area some years ago I asked another Doctor to recommend me an Oculoplastic Surgeon, and without hesitation he said, “Steve Fagien, he is the best of the best, and I trust him blindly”. He was right 101%.
B M.
Everyone from front desk, to Dani and Hannah and Dr Fagien were fantastic. Very responsive, kind, pleasant and of course very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Jordana H.
Amazing and attentive staff and best Oculoplastic surgeon in the world! I love my results!!
Cynthia B.
Everyone in the office is kind and truly cares. Dr. Steven Fagien is an artist. The results were better than I expected giving me a much younger appearance and a very natural look. I am so very happy with the results and kindness of his team.
Y M.
Definitely 5 Star!!
Karen N.
This doctor takes so much pride in his work. I recently had upper/lower bleph and ptosis repair on 8/29/22. From the first visit I felt so comfortable. He takes sooooo much time with you during your visit. He has the best bedside manner. Office staff is great also. I'm still healing, but I love what I see so far. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Fagien 1000 times over!
Kathy P.
Dr Fagien, is truly one of the worlds finest oculoplastic, surgeons. His brilliant techniques, and caring abilities are outstanding! Also, his staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable and secure! Thank you 🙏
Anonymous i.
I’m pleased to have an opportunity to share my experience with Dr. Steven Faigien. I’m an 81 year old woman who’s had 3 eyelid surgeries in the past. Because of this I was anxious about how I would heal. Dr. Fagien assured me that since I am in good health , there should be no problems. He proceeded to tell me what would be the best result for me. He was absolutely right! I had my surgery a few days ago and am healing quickly and I love the way my eyes look. I would be remiss in sharing my experience with Dr. Fagien if I didn’t mention his wonderful and caring staff. They are always kind and very helpful. Last, but definitely not least, is Dr. Fagien himself. He is very personable and quickly put me at ease. He is easy to talk to and has a great smile and sense of humor. I am truly humbled by his expertise and his caring for his patients. He is “Simply the Best!”
Stuart R.
Dr Fagien is wonderful and is great when it comes to cosmetic eye surgery
Michelle M.
The front desk staff was welcoming and professional. During my consultation with Dr. Fagien all my questions were answered and concerns addressed. Aside from his professionalism, Dr. Fagien is personable and friendly! Hannah, the patient coordinator, also did a great job of answering questions and was very friendly.
pamela r.
As a plastic surgeon I knew exactly who to trust for my recent eyelid surgery. Dr Fagien is a talented, skillful and detail-oriented surgeon who did a beautiful blepharoplasty for me. His office staff are very responsive and helpful, as are his operating room team. I highly, highly recommend Dr Fagien - he is truly a "surgeon's surgeon".
Pam R.
Dr Fagien is a talented and meticulous surgeon who did a beautiful blepharoplasty procedure for me. Great office/support staff as well.
Susan V.
Dr. Fagien is one of the most ethical plastic surgeons I have ever met. I would highly recommend him. After leaving his office he advised me that I really didn’t need the work I was asking for and advised me to see my health care provider. I don’t know many if any plastic surgeons that would do that.
Lory R.
Dr. Fagien has fixed my previous eyelid surgery and U’m so happy with the results! He is personable, competent and an excellent surgeon.
Claudine G.
Dr. Fagien is truly a Professional Oculoplastic Surgeon who is very compassionate and thoughtful of your concerns. He gives his full attention to you and puts you at ease, leaving you with full confidence that everything will be 100% better.
2 weeks ago, I had upper and lower Blepharopalsty and so far I'm very super happy at the results.
A big shoutout to his staff.. all are very friendly, well trained and most of all compassionate. Dani, his assistant is very kind and truly cares and takes the time to answer any of your concerns.
I absolutely highly recommend Dr Fagien and his team!
Marcy B.
I have been going to Dr. Fagien for almost 10 years now.., the best physician and office staff in South Florida..... love him and his staff ??
Rifka M.
Amazing experience. Professional caring gentle procedure,wonderful staff great support and I look fabulous.
jordan l.
Dr. Faigen is a MF rockstar! I had a lower blepharoplasty performed by him due to complications from under eye filler last month. Make an appointment, I can guarantee you will be happy you did.
Cynthia D.
Best eyelid surgeon.
allen s.
After having suffered through the disastrous doctors in Florida, I found Dr. Steven Fagien and his wonderful staff/colleagues. From the moment I walked in the office to the last follow up, I can say with certainty that his staff & Dr. Fagien are ALL world class. His staff is "buttoned up", caring and responsive. Dr. Fagien is a master at his craft. The surgery was done on Thursday and I was seeing clients on Monday. Amazing! FYI I was referred by another plastic surgeon who told me she would see Dr. fagien: he is thus the plastic surgeons' plastic surgeon. Enough said!
Keys P.
I cannot recommend Dr Fagien highly enough. He explained the procedure and it went exactly as planned. Pain was minimal, a bit of itching from the stitches. I had my upper eyelids done Monday and look quite presentable Friday- the stitches are the only giveaway. Best of all, I look rested, not over-pulled.
Yolanda M.
It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Fagien; he is an excellent doctor, and an excellent gentleman. On top of that, a very, very nice staff who go out of their way to make you feel that as a patient, you matter. From 1 to 10, 11 !
Gwynne B.
Dr Fagien is the only person I would trust with my face. He is an ARTIST and he is funny!!!
Brenda M.
Dr. Fagien was very knowledgeable & considerate of my concerns.. We spoke about the eye procedure I was considering and he reassured me that it was an easy procedure. He also suggested another eye procedure to think about to be done at the same time.There was no pressure to decide anything that day.
ingrid l.
An amazing experience from the staff to the doctor everything was wonderful would highly recommend going to this office and having a procedure done no regrets!!
From my first consultation to my surgery and follow ups, this staff and surgeon was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Professional, friendly and caring staff. Dr. Fagien is one of the finest surgeons you will find. He came HIGHLY recommended & was everything and more!

If you considering this surgery, do not look any further, make your appt for consult and get it done! - I am beyond thrilled with the results . Dr Fagien and his entire team will go above and beyond in taking care of you. - He is world renowned for a reason!

I cannot say enough positive remarks about my experience with Dr. Steven Fagien and his team.

Thank you Dr. Fagien and staff!
Amanda G.
From beginning to end, I had the best experience. Everyone was professional and kind. My appointments were always prompt (I never waiting more than 5 minutes because they do not overbook). Dr. Fagien talked with me about my goals and expectations. I had upper and lower Blepharopalsty and my results are amazing. Also, everyone at the surgical center was beyond nice and professional as well. Another point of note, Dr Fagien has an excellent rapport with his team. He always spoke with them respectfully and they spoke respectfully with him. I would recommend Dr Fagien again and again! Good luck!
Happy w.
Dr. Fagien was so professional knowledgeable very different with other Doctors. He explained me all I needed to know. If you need eyelid surgery He is the one!!! Thank you Dr. Fagien!
Dr FAGIEN is patient, relaxed, and so skilled. He takes the time to study your face and tailor his work to your specific issues. Injections are virtually painless. The staff is lovely, kind and professional.
Laurence W.
Just perfect, so natural!
Healthgrades U.
this was my first experience and it was truly wonderful. dr Fagien takes his time and does a meticulously fantastic job doing the fillers.
You do not have to be nervous because of the way they numb you and because of the tools dr Fagien uses. Basically painless.
Everything about this office is so professional and friendly, that I can highly recommend to everyone who wants a bit of beautification.
And the best thing is that nobody really notices what happened to me, but they just tell that I look good. And that is what I wanted.
Stu R.
My wife and I have gone to Dr Fagien for a number of years. I would definitely recommend Dr Fagien to both friends and family
Healthgrades U.
It’s always a pleasure to visit Dr. Fagien! The staff is warm and helpful, and Dr. Fagien is a true master with an engaging sense of humor! It’s a wonderful experience, and I always leave feeling lucky to have found a doctor that cares. … and the outcome is always fantastic!
Lois Z.
As painless as possible, excellent Dr Fagien, excellent staff!
Estelle T.
From Amber, Hannah, Delfina and, of course Dr. Fagien, I felt comfortable and important! Time and consideration was given for listening and answering my concerns and questions.. The results of their expertise was matched by the Boca Raton Surgical outpatient staff. My expectations were exceeded! Dr. Fagien was recommended by 2 of his patients who were treated by him in the past. Plus! His participation,involvement and leadership in philanthropic commitments are exemplary to what ‘the practice of medicine ‘ should be all about! Thank you.
Nancy S.
Amazing person , outstanding Physician and surgeon . Meticulous attention to details . fabulous staff ..
Healthgrades U.
I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty done less than two weeks ago. The whole experience has been wonderful. Dr. Fagien has a comforting bedside manner but more importantly he is an excellent surgeon, a perfectionist. The office staff is top notch and has been in touch with me every step of the way. My results are amazing but I had no doubt they would be due to Dr. Fagiens exceptional skills in his field. I am so thankful for all he has done for me and I recommend him to anyone considering having this procedure. The only regret I have is not doing this sooner! Thank you Dr. Fagien!
Kathie E.
Excellent staff and experience!!! Dr. Steven Fagien is a wonderful Doctor. I totally trust his medical judgment and would choose him first over any other practice!
Irene Z.
Dr Fagien is simply the best eyelid surgeon out there. Do yourself a favor and save time by going straight to him. I saw two other popular plastic surgeons before I met him, and I was just not impressed with either one.I had the bar set very high though, since I worked with a famous plastic surgeon in my other life. Yet as soon as I met Dr Fagien and saw his work, I knew he was the one! So much so, that I barely asked him any questions, I just scheduled my surgery.Three weeks after my surgery, I went to a wedding and no one noticed I had surgery, but people kept telling me how great I looked. It’s been four months now and I absolutely love the results! My eyes look amazing, and I couldn’t be happier.His entire staff is wonderful. The outpatient facility is wonderful! The anesthesiologist was super nice. The recovery was a breeze. I would only suggest that you don’t see yourself in the mirror until the day your stitches come out😊Dr Fagien is an amazing doctor and a wonderful human being. Caring, professional, super nice, and even funny. Absolutely nothing needs improvement in his practice. Irene Zingg
Chaya G.
Dr F has the best bedside manner … quick and painless with the best results every time
Lisa K.
Dr Fagien has changed my life and made me more beautiful than I ever thought I could be. I was very nervous about getting my eyes done and researched all the top surgeons in the States. Finally, I had a consultation with Dr. Fagien and felt assured that I should move forward and get the droopy lids fixed. I can't believe how beautiful my eyes look. The lids and puffiness on the sides were removed. He took the exact measurements pre op and it was a perfect result. I wish I had done it sooner. He's a magician.
Roshan M.
His expertise is unparalleled when it comes to the eyes.
Bonnie B.
Dr. Faigan and his staff are Extremely professional and Dr. Faigan is one of the best doctors that I could ever recommend to anyone!
Cynthia S.
Very Professional!
Dr. Fagien can get into your head and figure out exactly what you want. You leave happy and looking natural.
Deborah N.
Dr Fagen is an artist! The precision in his work is bar none the best in the Industry. I would never trust anyone else with my face!
Dr F.
Wonderful experience. Dr Fagien is very professional and caring. He took his time and explained things very well. I highly recommend Dr Fagien!
jenny n.
Dr. Fagien and his staff are absolutely amazing. I had Rt. lower blepharoplasty done for sagging skin and the results speak for themselves. Not only am I happy with the results, but the process in general was so easy. The day of the procedure Dr. Fagien and nurses gave me much peace and expectations.Surely weeks later I can testify of a wonderful experience. I thank God for allowing me to meet such wonderful Doctor. I would highly recommend his services. So if your looking for a truly professional and excellent facial plastic surgeon Dr Fagien is your answer.Worth every penny.Jen
Kate C.
I am so happy with my results. Definitely choose Dr. Fagien. The entire process was easy and I wish I did this sooner! I am much more confident in my appearance… he is the best of the best and so kind and caring. I couldn’t be happier with this decision and doctor.
Mary D.
I have been seeing Dr. Fagien for approximately 12 years for fillers. He has helped me avoid the deep Marionette lines around my mouth area.Dr. Fagien graciously listens to my woes about NOT wanting to go through surgery and, in my opinion, helps me maintain a natural appearance.
Linda W.
I've had some Botox for around my eye area and deep wrinkles on my nose close to my forehead area and fillers for deep lines in my lip area and cheeks as well and a shot of botox in my jaw area for grinding teeth at night this is not necessarily aesthetic. Its been about a week and I am taking double takes when I walk by mirror. My eye liner stays where I put it and I have cheekbones and my mouth is pouting. I'm 72 next week. He's that good!!
Dr. Fagien saved me a lot of money because he was very honest, he did not try to make money, he tried to help. He found out that I only have to go to a dermatologist and gave me a referral. Thank you very much.
jenny n.
I had a wonderful experience at the outpatient facility with Dr. Steven Fagiens crew. I felt pampered from beginning to end.So happy to have chosen him for my eye surgery. The care over all was above and beyond.Exceded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fagien for your future eye lids surgery. 😃👍🏻Thank you Dr. Fagien and staff.
Dr. Fagien came very highly recommended by three different friends. I had gone for two prior consultations with other docs in FL and NY for my eyelids which were droopy with excess skin and dark circles below. Once I met with Dr. Fagien, I knew that he was the right choice immediately. He is a highly respected oculoplastic surgeon whose work is the gold standard in this field. He performed upper and lower blepharoplasty on me, and I couldn't be happier with the natural results! I 100% recommend him. I have had so many complements on my 'refreshed' look and am SO happy I chose him to perform the surgery. Your eyes will thank you.
Rick L.
A perfect and seamless experience. Can’t say enough about the Doctor and his entire team. The pre procedure and Post were handled with professionalism and thoroughness not often experienced today.
Healthgrades U.
Wonderful experience and very happy with the results. Customer service was 5 stars!
Healthgrades U.
I wanted to have my upper and lower eyelids done and there was no one other than Dr Fagien I would have even considered using. His reputation precedes him. He is not only an excellent surgeon but an extremely kind and caring person. He runs his practice better than any office I've ever encountered. Devina is beyond incredible throughout the surgery and postop too. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Fagien, his office and my final results. I am incredibly happy with the way my upper and lower lids turned out. He is a true gem.
I am a repeat customer. I am a Commercial Airline Pilot and I only wanted the best doctor to work on my eyes. I wanted a plastic surgeon who specialized in eyes. I heard great things about Dr. Fagien’s work. Ten years ago Dr. Fagien did my upper eyelids. They looked amazing. They looked very natural and I was very happy with the outcome. Ten years later I had my lower lids done. Even though it’s a bit of a drive for me I never even considered another doctor. He gives me the natural, refreshed look that I want. His staff at both his office and the surgical center are very helpful and answered all my questions.
I highly recommend him.
Scott B.
Another easy visit with superb results. Never any issues. Knowing Dr. Fagien's abilities always makes it a calm and stress/anxiety free visit. And his support staff is unbelievably polite, courteous, and most of all professional.
Dr. Fagin is truly the best surgeon for eye lids. He is not only an expert but he is also professional and kind.
Also, Devina is a truly blessing to have with you through the process of the surgery.
To all the brave women who choose to grow old gracefully, I salute you, but I prefer to stay young gratefully. When I started looking for a doctor for blepharoplasty surgery, I heard the words “Dr. Fagien is the guy!” And they weren’t wrong. The entire staff is welcoming, friendly and superbly professional. Devina kept tabs on me every step of the way; she is a real gem. Now three months have passed and I couldn’t be happier. My family and friends are all remarking about how young I look. My only complaint is that Dr. Fagien won’t let you smile when he takes your “after” pictures. Seriously, I am smiling with joy from ear to ear and I have to sit there stone-faced. Thank you Dr. Fagien!
Lbm T.
After having to look at myself in Zoom reflections for more than a year, I knew it was time to do something. I was told by a Miami physician whose professional opinion I value more than I can say, that Dr. Fagien is the ONLY doctor to see. Dr. Fagien and his staff are incomparable. He is kind, warm, and patient. The results of my surgery are beautiful and natural. He took at least ten years of sagging stress from my eyes with an upper/lower transconj blepharoplasty. I'm grateful and so happy that I don't look sad anymore. Truly, he is the best!
Jana D.
Dr Fagien and his staff are amazing. His office is very clean and beautiful. He truly listens and gives his honest opinion about what you need. I have been coming to him for Botox and fillers in my forehead for over 2 years and he is a true artist and pays close attention to details. After going to multiple doctors before him and not having the results I wanted, he came highly recommended. He was the only doctor that was honest and said that Botox alone would not help my deep lines in my forehead. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your results. I will be his patient for life.
Tirso S.
Dr. Fagien and his entire team were amazing! From the moment you contact them for an initial consultation to post surgery, Dr. Fagien and team were courteous, on time, and professional. Dr. Fagien never once over sold his services and offered only those that specifically pertained to my situation. Also, worthy of mentioning is the Eye Institute where the procedure was actually performed. The staff there from the intake nurse to the one who wheeled me out after surgery ALL were extremely kind and sensitive. I highly recommend Dr. Fagien and his team
We are all concerned with Covid and Dr. Fagien and his staff make me feel comfortable and safe because they make every effort to protect patients. The services they provide lift my spirits while providing them with safety. Dr. Fagien is the BEST!
Roberta D.
Nine years ago, I had a consultation with Dr. Fagien. Over the years, I’ve seen him for fillers and Botox with great results. No one ever knows that I’ve had anything done. He believes you should just look as if you’ve been on vacation and you do. In July, I finally had the time for the surgery. The results are outstanding. Dr. Fagien is not only an extraordinary surgeon, he is meticulous and precise in everythingthat he does and that is clearly reflected in the results he obtains. He has such a wonderful bedside manner and the temperature in the room goes down a notch just when he enters. He is kind and generous with his time and will explain anything you ask about what he is doing and why. He has a very detailed protocol pre-and post surgery that produces the very best of results if you follow it. His staff is outstanding as well, welcoming and kind, very knowledgeable about what they are doing, which obviously comes from him and from being around him. There are really no adequate words to describe how fabulous I feel and how great I look, thanks to Dr. Fagien, and there is no one else I would trust but him.
Dr Fagien is probably the nicest and most patient plastic surgeon you’ll ever meet . He squeezed me in when I had an upcoming wedding and was so good at addressing all my fears and hopes and concerns , as it was my first procedure ever ! He is amazing with great results ! Can’t recommend highly enough !
Jessica W.
The best decision I ever made was coming to Dr. Fagien! I had a right ptsosis repair done on my upper eyelid and he is a magician with his hands. I was a special case with having different shaped eye folds, different colored eyes AND glaucoma in my right eye. He magically create symmetry in my face (never had before) and matched my eye fold beautifully without any scarring. I had consultations all around South Florida and in San Francisco, CA (where I am from) and ultimately decided on his expertise and I couldn't be happier! His staff is thoughtful and they all take the time to explain the process, what to expect, etc. Do yourself a favor and go see him! He's restored my confidence and made me feel beautiful again! Thank you so much to Dr. Fagien and his staff!!
Cindy G.
I loved Dr. Fagien’s candidness. He suggested I go to my endocrinologist to have my thyroid checked because my eyes and bridge over my noise are so swollen. After that, he suggested I come back in for a consultation.
Margo H.
I felt like I was in good hands with Dr Fagien and Amber. They answered all my questions and were professional.
Connie O.
Excellent and caring doctor, I had Bell Palsy, and he was able to help me and gave me options. Dr. Fagien is the best eye doctor I have ever visited. I wish more doctors and staff members would care about their patients like Dr. Fagien and his staff.
After visited i look like 5 years young er, I am very happy
Linda V.
Great team…
Dr Fagien is a perfectionist !
He's a master at what he does.
Would never go to anyone else!!!!
Had my lower eyes done and am extremely happy. There’s nothing more to say, he’s simply the best! His staff are professional and friendly, making the experience very comfortable.
Kendal &.
Dr. Fagien was extremely professional, I met with him regarding under eye fillers that I wanted to do. He was surprisingly honest and did not recommend I do this procedure as he did not think it would give me the results I wanted. He took the time to go through what the likely outcome would look like, showing images etc. I would 100% recommend his services as he clearly will not give advise on the basis of filling his pockets, but rather his client's genuine interests. While I did not leave with fillers, I did leave with a better understanding and knowledge of my structure and options available to me.
Donna V.
I’ve seen Dr Faigen for injectables. You may feel confident in Dr Faigen’s work. His approach is comforting, his work distinguished. He listens and creates a wonderful, natural look. He and his staff’s care and warmth is apparent during the entire experience. I have recommended him to family and friends, which is the greatest compliment.
Danielle R.
Dr. Fagien is amazing! I had a lower blepharoplasty done in February and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The doctor as well as his staff really took their time with me and answered all my questions to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I had virtually no pain and am thrilled w the results. Thanks doc!!!
Judith F.
Professional, efficient and courteous office staffWho took all precautions during this trying Covid time. - Wait time was minimal., the Doctor waspleasant and put my mind at ease, he recommended a less invasive and more cost effective procedure to obtain the same results I was searching for. The cost is in-line with the other professionals I saw and scheduling of the procedure was within a few weeks time. The physicians office assistant discussed the cost, timeframe for procedure and recuperation time. She provided all info in writing along with her number for further questions— definitely would recommend. Now 9 months later procedure completed and I’m thrilled!! No one tells me I look tired anymore. My eyes appear brighter, with no puffiness and the procedure was everything I expected. I see Dr Fagien for maintenance- fillers and Botox and these mini-procedures are done with precision to give me the best me!! Thanks to Dr Fagien and team!
Healthgrades U.
Great staff, comfortable surrounding, and great patient care. Dr. Fagien is amazing! He takes time to explain in detail and answer questions. The entire staff was professional and caring. Thank you so much… love my results!
Healthgrades U.
Traveled from Nashville for blepharoplasty with Dr. Fagien, and my experience has been outstanding. Dr. Fagien is one of, if not the best, oculoplastic surgeons in the U.S., his staff is top notch, and my outcome has exceeded my expectations! Absolutely would do it again.
Yolanda M.
Dr. Fagien is a wonderful doctor; from 1 to 10, he is an 11 !
Maria M.
Dr. Steven is an excellent surgeon, I had my eyes done in May and the outcome was perfect. There was absolutely no pain, the customer service from his staff and from the hospital he uses are extraordinary. If you are thinking about having your eyes done, Dr. Steven is on excellent choice. Also I have to mention that results are very natural.
Teofilo B.
So far, for my first time visit to Dr Faigien office it was amazing!! Starting with his staff, very friendly and understanding. This is my first time doing this type of procedure and i felt very comfortable and we'll informed. Doctor Faigien , an amazing guy, straight to the point and know what you are looking for. I already booked my surgery with them . Can't wait to do a part 2 of this review 😁
Tracey S.
Dr Fagien and Dr Vacas’ teams are all so easy to work with. They are knowledgeable and so pleasant! Going to the office is a pleasure.
Allyne C.
Dr.Fagien is truly a master at his craft. He is a highly respected expert in oculoplastic surgical and non-surgical procedures for a plethora of reasons.He approaches each patient with a sincere desire to create a natural, more youthful appearance with an artist’s eye, years of experience, and a deep sense of caring. His bedside manner truly adds to why he is beloved by all who meet him.
Office is relaxing and staff friendly. Dr. Fagien is thorough and listens. Haven't had my surgery yet but feel confident in Dr. Fagien. Another doctor said she "wouldn't let anyone else touch her eyes but Dr. Fagien." Works for me!
Healthgrades U.
I am so happy I chose Dr. Fagien to perform my eyelid surgery. He was professional, personable and he approached my case with medical expertise and visual artistry. He clearly communicated his plan for my surgery and showed me pictures of what I could expect. His entire staff was absolutely amazing from my first consultation to my post op appointments. All instructions were clearly written out, and I was frequently checked on during the week after surgery. Most importantly, I am so happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Fagien! Thank you for being so attentive and skilled!
Lory R.
Dr. Fagien did a beautiful job fixing a crimped eyelid done by another surgeon. I am very happy with the results!
Roberta M.
I have been going to Dr. Fagien since 2012. He is a consummate professional and has a great bedside manner in addition to exceptional skills. I always look like I just went on vacation, really natural. I rarely bruise and this is because he numbs you from the inside. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wanting to look refreshed and rejuvenated. He has an excellent skilled staff ready, willing and able to take care of you during your visit. He’s just the best.
Jacqueline R.
Dr Fagien is excellent at the art of enhancement with fillers and Botox. I feel confident that he will not overdo or make me look “done”.He’s also extremely careful about disinfecting the areas before he starts. He’s doesn’t rush.
Very professional. Took their time explaining everything, friendly, didn't have to wait. Would definitely recommend family & friends.
Binkie O.
Dr. F is one of the Most meticulous, timely and precise doctors I know and have. The office is lovely. The staff is helpful and kind and he always spot on with my treatments.
Dr Fagien is the best. Ide never go anywhere else. Office is beautiful, staff is wonderful. There arent enough nice things I could say about him.👍🏻👍🏻 Or them.
Brian C.
The best. The entire staff is amazing. Highly recommend
Ron G.
Dr. Vaca was very professional and took the time to explain in patient friendly terms what to expect from my procedure. Would highly recommend!
Christina C.
Dr. Fagien is great and so is Hanna! They both made me feel comfortable and took great care of me. Thank you for everything & I can’t wait to come back!
Brit E.
Highly recommend Dr Fagien. He is a very skilled surgeon who achieves exceptional results. His professionalism combined with his warm, caring personality puts you at ease immediately. His staff is top notch too, and always eager to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. I am truly thrilled with the results of my surgery and so glad I chose Dr Fagien as my doctor.
Linda M.
From the moment I walked through the door to the beautiful office, I always feel right at home!! Dr. Fagien is so sweet but yet very professional and has such a gentle touch , I never feel any discomfort when I get Botox and filler injections ! He's a true pro and I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Fagien I feel very fortunate to have my treatment by you and your team. Also Thank you Owni and Divina for assisting in my treatment, you made me feel so comfortable. Thank You!!
Linda E.
Dr Fagien took the time to listen and explain the issues. He was very straight forward and didn't try to sell me on procedures I didn't need.
Another plastic surgeon told me he would not do my eye lids because the results would not be good. Dr Fagien said he could do them and did the surgery with amazing result. He is also the kindest doctor I’ve ever met. I can’t say enough good things about him and his entire staff.
Krisztina K.
Dr. Fagien is amazing with so much experience, kindness and professionalism! He takes time to explain your options, all the details, supports your decision, and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Fantastic staff and beautiful office. I am extremely happy with the outcome and I would highly recommend Dr. Fagien! Thank you🌺
Ann N.
Dr Fagien is an excellent Doctor! His staff is very friendly and professional. He did an amazing job on my eyes. Very happy and satisfied. I would highly recommend him. A++
B G.
From the lovely waiting room till my last visit I’ve enjoyed great care.
The front desk nurses are smart and welcoming. All the nurses in the office and at the hospital were warm and caring. Dr Fagan is marvelous and has done a wonderful job. I highly recommend him!
yelena s.
The all experience was super and what is the more important , the result is great
Beautiful and well run office. Dr. FAGIEN is amazing. I recommend this office highly!
Kim R.
Dr.Faigen is a stupendous individual,he is friendly , kind honest and very pleasantwith the utmost professionalismHe is also an expert in his field and very up to date on all the latest developments.The office is immaculate and your appointment time is honored.I would trust him with any type of procedure surgical or esthetics.,He and his phenomenal team are the most friendly honest and extremely pleasant and professional group I have dealt with.Hannah is a smart, knowledgeable individual who makes a patient feel very comfortable and also provides a very pleasant experience.The office is run very efficiently and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for anall around great experience .
Larry S.
amazing doctor, caring staff ... and most importantly PERFECT results! thank you!!
Tours a.
Dr Fagien did a fantastic job to my eyes, I had no pain at all and the result is amazing. All his staff is excellent. I highly recommend Dr Fagien
Julia D.
The Dr.Fagien is experience , honest ,caring and his staff was amazing. He made sure I was comfortable and okay throughout the whole process. I'm very thankful to have met him and his entire staff. I highly recommend this place for all the Beaty Treatments. Office is so clean and welcoming. Will be back !
Alicia K.
Dr Fagien and his team are the best! I had my upper eyes done in August 2020, they turned out terrific and the doctor’s office called me every day for a week to check on me and see how I was healing after my surgery. I’m so glad I made this decision and I highly recommend Dr. Fagien for anyone who wants beautiful youthful eyes.
Healthgrades U.
I just had my first app with Dr. Vaca and Dr. Fagien, both are very professional and honest, they will not do any procedure that you don't need...Office and staff are very professional, prices are average...
I will recommend these Doctors to anyone that wants to improve their looks.
Gail P.
Love my eyes!
elizabeth m.
Dr Fagien is by far the most talented surgeon I have seen. Not only does he have an artists eye he has an artists hands with surgeon skills. Dr Fagien strives for and achieves natural results which enhance beauty and restore a youthful appearance. The staff is also compassionate and knowledgeable.Overall my experience has been extremely positive and I look forward to continuing care with Dr Fagien.
Christine L.
Dr. Fagien is a true professional, he makes you feel ease, I have been going to Dr. Fagan for many years and would recommend him to anyone .
Monique R.
Great experience with both Doctor & Staff. Very professional & followed up with every detail.
Danna N.
Doctor Fagien is a Master at his craft! I cannot recommend him highly enough. To be a patient of his is an absolute privilege and the results are just spectacular.
Susan F.
Had my upper eyelids done. He is a skilled surgeon and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I had a post operative issue (totally my fault) and he met me at the office on a Sunday and was unbelievably kind and caring. If you need eye improvement, he is your professional. This is not a paid review. Thanks Dr. Fagien
Marilyn P.
Dr. Fagien is an extraordinary ocular plastic surgeon! He is extremely knowledgeable and has years of experience. My son is a plastic surgeon and he ONLY wanted me to have my surgery with Dr. Fagien. Great doctor , great staff!
Betty B.
I've been going to the Dr. Faigen for over 10 years. He first did my upper and lower eyelids and I’ve been going back for Botox on a regular basis. He is the only one I trust for eye cosmetic surgery. On my last visit, I was concerned about having Botox and the Covid vaccine. He sat down, explained everything in detail and I felt very comfortable with going ahead with Botox.His office is immaculate and his staff is professional. Davina is especially kind and friendly!
Healthgrades U.
A friend had recommended Dr. Fagien while I was visiting in Florida. I decided to stay in Florida beyond my expected departure and made my appointment with Dr. Fagien. I can’t believe the different between my prior experiences and with Dr. Fagien and his staff. The office was impeccable and I felt like I was the only patient there as they have strict Covid policies. I was brought into meet Dr. Fagien exactly on time. Dr. Fagien evaluate me and explained my options in exquisite detail including what I could expect from each of the treatments. His treatment nearly painless and had minimal signs of treatment. I was thrilled with the experience and the results as were my friend who was also impressed. I will be flying back down to Florida for my next treatments and when I need eyelid surgery. Thank you Dr. Fagien and your amazing staff!
Y. M.
Every visit to Dr. Fagien is a very, very pleasant experience. He is an excellent, knowledgeable doctor and I trust him “101%”.
Chelsea P.
I recently started seeing Dr. Fagien. His office is beautiful & squeaky clean & the staff have all been helpful and wonderful! I would highly recommend going to see him!
Healthgrades U.
His name was recommended to me from the PA at my Miami cosmetic Derm’s office. His office & staff are superb - very clean, beautiful aesthetic & very helpful. He has a great energy that put me at ease & no worries as I tend to be worried. I did my R lower eyelid Dec 3rd, 2020 to even out both my eyes from my natural bags & use of under eye filler throughout the years. It’s been 5 weeks. No one can tell I had something done. The first week was hard just due to the sleeping up but his work is very detailed, healed well & fast. I am coming to see him for my 5 week. I am very happy with his work. Thank you Dr. Fagien. I can’t wait to go back to him when I need to do the rest.
Healthgrades U.
I had a procedure with Dr Fagien almost 3 weeks ago. At the initial consultation, Dr. Fagien answered all of my questions very clearly and patiently . His knowledge and excellent reputation made me feel that I was in very good hands. The surgical coordinator , Davina carefully explained everything I needed to do pre and post op. She was also at the surgical facility on the day of my procedure , taking such great care of me, making sure I was relaxed and comfortable. She also called to check on me after the proceedure to see how I was doing. Amber and Thelma the nurses , thoughtfully answered of all of my questions and concerns after my proceedure and were always kind and helpfull. I was very happy with my whole experience at this medical practice.
florina k.
Professional really good experience. Thank you
Joanns S.
Dr Fagien is a magician. The results of my upper eye surgery succeeded my expectations, I’m beyond happy with my eyes. The whole experience was comforting and inspired confidence, and delivered! The staff is knowledgeable, warm and kind and appointments quick and to the point. Thank you!
Dr Fagien is the best. Ide never go anywhere else. Office is beautiful, staff is wonderful. There arent enough nice things I could say about him.????
Michael T.
Simply the best in the business, outstanding staff and people.
Tammy D.
I love the results I get from Dr. Fagien, he’s extremely talented!
Christopher R.
Dr. Steven Fagien is awesome and professional. I really enjoy coming into his immaculate office and working with his AMAZING staff. I would highly recommend anyone looking for oculoplastic surgery to come and see him.
Chelsea L.
I recently started seeing Dr. Fagien. His office is beautiful & squeaky clean & the staff have all been helpful and wonderful! I would highly recommend going to see him!
The whole experience was very comforting, caring and inspired confidence. I considered getting my eyes done for a long time but when I was finally ready Dr. Fagien and his stuff made this process wonderful. My results are incredible and I would recommend this practice to everyone who considers any kind of plastic eye surgery.
Healthgrades U.
Dr. Faigen is amazing. He has the patience of a saint and I couldn’t be happier. This was not my first experience with injections and fillers, but it was definitely the best.
Barbara E.
Dr Fagien did a beautiful job on my surgery. It’s been 5 weeks and everyday my eyes look better. I cannot wait to see the final results in the next few weeks. The surgery was virtually painless. You can expect a few bumps along the way, but it is well worth it.
Jodi K.
SImply the BEST! I've been going to the brilliant Dr. Faigen for 16 years. He NEVER pushes you into something, even if you want it lol. He's honest, talented and conservative. You'll always leave looking like yourself, only better! Thank you for being consistently the greatest Dr. there is <3
James D.
After interview, my wife look like younger 3-5 years
Jana H.
Dr. Fagien is one of a kind! He has the best staff, best office manager, and all around great atmosphere. He always delivers the top results and really listens to your concerns. The most caring, calm, and trustworthy plastic surgeon in boca!
Laura M.
Dr Fagien performed lower blepharoplasty. It took me quite sometime to go see him because I live one hour away. It’s hard with busy schedule. I’m so happy I finally made it. He did an amazing job. He’s very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. He’s a leader in his field and rightly so. He has a wonderful staff and impecable office. I highly recommend him.
Love everything about Dr. Fagien and his office staff! I wouldn't hesitate to refer him.
Healthgrades U.
Office immaculate and staff extremely friendly and knowledgeable!
Spent lots of time to listen to my concerns and what procedures I had questions about.
Healthgrades U.
my experience was fantastic. my eyes look like 10 years ago and nobody can see that there was a surgery. He is very friendly and puts the patient at ease. I can only highly recommend him!
Olivia F.
Dr Fagien is the master of his craft. He never fails to deliver amazing results! Ive had Botox and filler and always have come out looking natural and a more beautiful version of myself. Not only is he an artist and extremely knowledgeable, but he is so down to earth and cares for his patients wholeheartedly. His staff is amazing and so professional. I recommend him and his practice to everyone I know, without any hesitation. Dr. Fagien is unquestionably the best in the business. Thank you for everything you do! You are the best 🙂
kanita p.
I choose Dr. Steven Fagien with all the trusty. Recently, my Botox which I had on my forehead turned out very well done. It’s made me so happy overall... And Even that was the first Botox in my entire 35 years. It was full of concern. But now , I’m considered to get more in another area , of course! I will pick Dr. Steven Fagien !!
Suzette L.
Dr. Fagien is the best of the best! The only person I trust when it comes to eye surgery and injectables. My mother’s eyes look great and my injectables super natural! Love his professionalism, and his staff is SUPERB!
Ranchida S.
As always Dr. Steven Fagien is wonderful! He makes sure you are comfortable through any procedure. He has a wonderful eye for what needs to be done or not. His office staff is always a pleasure to deal with. Also Friendly and helpful!! I definitely recommend 🙂
Alexia F.
Loved my experience with Dr. Fagien. His staff was very helpful and welcoming .Will be coming back in no time!
Healthgrades U.
Beautiful, clean office with an excellent doctor and staff!
Catherine S.
Dr.Fagien and his extra pleasant staff made me so comfortable for my upcoming surgery . It was a breeze with no pain , and the outcome looks wonderful , though I’m still swollen and the full results will be seen in a month or so . He is very kind, comforting and a true artist . I give him a 10!
Linda M.
My visits to Dr Fagien’s office have been awesome from the moment I’ve walked in , from the beautiful decor to his amazing personable, professional staff!! Dr Fagien is a warm, artistic , talented Doctor that I would highly recommend and can’t say enough great things about him!! I’ve had injectables by him and feel and look like a version of my younger self!! I would never consider going to any one else and when I’m ready I’ll get my eyes done by him! Thank you Dr Fagien !!
Healthgrades U.
Fantastic experience! I highly recommend him. Dr. Fagien is an exceptional talented physician. Lovely and professional staff ( Amber, Devina, Thelma). Excellent Service and Care.
Judith F.
Professional, efficient and courteous office staffWho took all precautions during this trying Covid time. - Wait time was minimal., the Doctor waspleasant and put my mind at ease, he recommended a less invasive and more cost effective procedure to obtain the same results I was searching for. The cost is in-line with the other professionals I saw and scheduling of the procedure was within a few weeks time. The physicians office assistant discussed the cost, timeframe for procedure and recuperation time. She provided all info in writing along with her number for further questions— definitely would recommend
S A.
Highly recommend. Staff was friendly courteous and professional. Dr. Fagien made the procedure seem so simple amd pleasant. Very pleased with the results ?
Nina L.
I visited Dr. Steven Fagien’s office twice and already got impressed with very nice and extremely clean office also with very professional and attentive staffs since the first visit. His wonderful staffs are very informative and friendly.I am very excited and happy to have a chance to consult about my eyelids with Dr. Steven Fagien, MD the world’s remarkable leading oculoplastic surgery specialist. He has a great personality and make me feel confident and comfortable . The best doctor for eyelid surgery. I can’t wait to make an appointment
Marie B.
Had a great experience, the staff was courteous and professional. The Dr took his time, explained everything, gave me a chance to address all questions and concerns. Would highly recommend!
Nancy S.
Office was immaculate. Staff was very welcoming. Dr Fagien did an amazing job- I look rested and relaxed- just perfectly natural looking.
Laurie Z.
Dr. Fagien is an awesome ocular esthetic physician not only surgically but with injectables as well. He doesn't push you to do anything but rather allows the patient to decide what he/she wants. He and his staff are warm and caring as soon as you enter the office! Highly recommend!!
Crystal L.
Dr. Fagien is an amazing plastic surgeon. He is so skilled and meticulous and I am so pleased with the results of my upper and lower eyelid surgery. He is thorough and personable and that was very comforting. The staff is also so kind, helpful and available whenever I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Fagien.
Leslie A.
Very professional staff. Amazing offices. Procedure and pricing clearly explained.
I have been a patient for many years and continue to return because Dr. Fagien is a wonderful doctor. He performed my cosmetic eye surgery and because of the results I have sent many people to him. He is an artist with fillers and other injectables and the outcome is natural and beautiful. I highly recommend him and his excellent staff.
Healthgrades U.
Knowledgeable staff and comfortable office facility
Margot M.
Always a pleasant experience at Dr Fagien’s office! Everyone is very helpful and kind. Office extremely clean and safe during the Cova virus.
Yui T.
Dr. Fagien always very professional.He is an excellent Dr.
Carolann B.
Staff is extremely helpful. Doctor Fagin extremely knowledgeable.
Healthgrades U.
He is an excellent Dr.
Vanessa C.
Beautiful office, lovely staff and a clear and thorough consultation with the Dr. Already feel confident in his skills! Definitely going to proceed with procedure.
Healthgrades U.
I had a virtual appointment with Dr. Fagien and really appreciated his assessment of what I needed and didn’t need. If I decide to have the eye surgery this is definitely the doctor I will do it with.
Chadia a.
Let’s start with the office staff , everyone is so helpful from the minute you walk into Dr.Fagien’s office until you leave. I would like to thank Olivia and Amber who kept answering all my questions about the treatment after the surgery. I had a lower eyelid surgery because of puffy, tires looking eyes , and I couldn’t be any happier, results are amazing ! Both Pre op and post op were great !Dr.Fagien is a true artist, very knowledgeable with good bedside manners, the technique he used was painless, more of soreness than pain for the first week !!! Very satisfied !
Beth W.
I love my eyes! Thank you! Dr Fagien and his staff are informative and very friendly. Dr Fagien’s work is amazing!
Marie K.
Dr. Fagien is a caring,, kind ,and exceptional physician. His work reflects his meticulous nature, as does his office and staff. I have always felt valued as a patient, and highly recommend Dr. Fagien.
Healthgrades U.
I had minor eyelid surgery and couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Dr. Fagien and his staff. Excellent service and care!
Sandra M.
For about 20 years I have trusted Dr. Fagien for cosmetic facial procedures (Botox and fillers) and I am 100% satisfied. When it comes to my face, only the very best.

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