At our practice in Boca Raton, FL we welcome patients from other states, as well as other countries. Our office staff is happy to work with you to make your travel, office visit and stay in Florida as seamless as possible.

Traveling long distances for plastic surgery can be safe as long as you take the necessary precautions. Make sure you have a trusted companion with you, such as a relative or a close friend, and follow all instructions provided by Dr. Fagien and Dr. Vaca. It's also important to have time to recover before traveling back home.

It is recommended to be within a reasonable distance from the surgeon's office for at least 3 days after surgery. This will allow Dr. Fagien and Dr. Vaca to check on you and your overall recovery, ensuring that you are healing properly at the time of your return.

For our out of town patients, it is generally ok to travel back home within 10 - 14 days after surgery; this may be longer depending on the type of surgery and your individual healing process.

Our staff is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Our office is located near four South Florida airports including:


There are several hotels around the area where you can arrange your stay; how long you're staying depends on the type of surgery you'll have and your individual healing process.

Surgical Center Information

Appointment FAQ

Yes, we collect a consultation fee at the time you book your appointment. All consultation fees are applied to treatments or surgeries within 1 year of the consultation date.

Elective treatments are not covered by health insurance. All fees are to be paid at, or prior to, the time of treatment by cash, personal check, or credit card. Major credit cards are accepted.

Please be sure to complete the intake forms that were emailed or texted to you prior to your visit. We prefer that you arrive without make-up to all treatment visits.

Your last botox treatment should ideally be 3 months or greater before your eyelid and/or brow surgery consultation. Botox treatments of the upper facial area affect the position of the brows. This may worsen or improve apparent upper eyelid skin excess and can affect the symmetry of your eyes.

In addition, it is critical that patients not undergo botox treatments of the upper facial area a minimum of 3 months prior to eyelid or brow surgery.

Surgery FAQ

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance. Deposits are paid at the time you book your surgery and the balance is to be paid at the time of your pre-operative visit or two weeks in advance of surgery by cash, personal check or credit card. Major credit cards are accepted.

At your pre-op visit, we will review instructions, consent forms, what to expect after surgery, and medications. We will take photographs so please be sure to arrive without make-up or eyelash extensions. We will also collect your remaining surgery balance that day. Any additional thoughts, concerns or questions will be reviewed at that time as well.

Some patients might require medical clearance. This is in part dependent on the type of surgery and pre-existing medical conditions. All patients will need routine blood work prior to surgery. Lab work and medical clearance (if applicable) should be obtained several weeks prior to your procedure as this helps to avoid problems, delays, and last-minute cancellations on the day of your surgery.

You should not take medications that may thin the blood for 7 - 14 days before and after surgery. These medications include but are not limited to: Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, and other pain medications. If you are unsure of any medications, please discuss this with Dr. Fagien, Dr. Vaca, or a member of our staff. You can take Tylenol for pain. If you are taking herbal supplements, please discontinue these 14 days before your procedure. In most situations, it is advisable to refrain from drinking red wine and other food / drinks which will be again discussed during your pre-operative visit.

There are several recommended hotels in our area. Please refer to Accommodations for more information.

Most surgical procedures are performed at the Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery and Laser Center (BROSLC) or Midtown Outpatient Surgical Center. You will receive a call from the surgery center the day before surgery to confirm the time of surgery. You should plan to be there 1-1.5 hours before the scheduled surgery. If you do not hear from our office or the facility by 3pm the day before, please call the office.

You must have an empty stomach to have surgery under sedation OR general anesthesia. You MAY NOT have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery UNLESS: You may be instructed to take certain medication by the office on the day of surgery and this should be accomplished with a small sip of water only. Do not eat meals heavy in garlic or drink alcohol for 72 hours before your surgery.